To learn more about Joe's BBQ Boat Rentals and our operations, please read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions below. 

1. How many boats do you have available?

We currently have 4 BBQ Boats available for your fun adventures! That means you can have a BBQ Regatta for up to 32 people; Imagine! 

Two of Joe's BBQ Boats at dock

2. How many people can we fit in a boat?

The maximum number of people, including children is per boat is 8. Sorry, we love our furry four legged friends but they aren't permitted on the boat.

3. What's the easiest way to reserve or book a boat?

The easiest way is to click on to our booking page: VANCOUVER RENTALS, find the date and time you prefer and if it is available, click on it, then follow the prompts. 

4. What if I want to reserve two boats for the same time?

If you want to reserve two boats for the same time, simply choose your date and times from the calendar page, add to cart, then return to the calendar page and choose the second time-slot.

Afterwards, simply drop us a quick note letting us know which time, on the hour or the half hour that you'd like the boats to be ready.

5. Is food provided or do we bring our own?

You bring and cook your own food. That way you’re free to BBQ it exactly the way you prefer it.

Joe's BBQ Boat set dinner

6. What’s your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds on bookings cancelled within 7 days of your rental date.

You receive an 80% refund for cancellations prior to 7 days of rental date.

There are no refunds or cancellations on Holiday reservations.

7. How long is rental time?

The full time period is 2.5 hours. However, as everyone's safety is our number one priority, you must attend the 30 minute safety training at the beginning of your rental. For example, if you're booked for the 6:00 pm sailing, you will spend from 6 to 6:30 going over the safety training before you are allowed to take the boats. The following 2 hours are yours to spend on the water. If you are late for the training, the time is subtracted from your rental. 

8. Do we drive it ourselves?

Yes you drive it yourself; you are the captain of your own party.

9. Does the driver need a specific boater's license?

A boating license is an asset but NOT required.

Meat grilling on Joe's BBQ Boat Rental

We will run you through an official Safety Boating Checklist before departure. On-water safety is our top priority.

Before you take off, one of our experts will explain the details regarding the electric engine, propane BBQ, Safety equipment and any other important technical aspect of the boat.

It is easy to navigate our boats, especially after we guide you through a quick 30 minute “Safety Run”.

10. Where do we meet?

Our rental address is 1820 Mast Tower Lane on Granville Island. However, if you get lost, ask for us at the Vancouver Water Adventures on Granville Island. They'll direct you to our exact location. 

11. May we take a “rain check” if the weather becomes terrible?

A light drizzle won’t hold you back from going out, after all it is Vancouver and we will provide large personal umbrellas for your use. However, if heavy rainfall does happen you will be able to reschedule to another date.

12. Do you provide cutlery, cups, etc.?

Yes we can provide this at a charge of $3 per person; please make this request in advance.

Skewers of food roasting on Joe's BBQ Boat Rental

13. What is the minimum age for the person in charge of renting and driving the boat?

The driver or person in charge of the rental must be minimum 21 years old, and have a valid driver’s license.

14. What's the pricing breakdown and are there any additional costs besides the hourly rental rate?

Our pricing system is based on a maximum capacity of 8 people per boat. When you consider that it costs you $25 to rent a kayak per hour, our service is far more economical.

Our weekend and holiday rate of $299 (plus tax) breaks down to only $37.38 total per person or $18.69 per hour. That's about the price of a movie ticket before buying popcorn and treats. Our early weekend 8:00 am and 8:30 am sailings are further reduced to $269 (plus tax).

Our weekday rate is discounted to $249 (plus tax) and breaks down to only $31.13 per person, or $15.56 per person, per hour. Weekday early sailings at 8:00 and 8:30 am have been further reduced to $219 (plus tax).

A $15 Booking Fee is charged on all bookings. .

If you need to take longer than two and a half hours, we charge an additional $75 per half hour. If you'd like to request a rental extension, please do so well in advance by sending us a message and we will do our best to accommodate you.

15. Is there a Liability Waiver for us to sign?

Yes, every person boarding our boats must complete and sign their own Liability Waiver. You will receive a copy of it with your confirmation email. You can also print it from here: Liability Waiver.

16. What are the fuel costs?

Unlike other boat rental companies, we do not charge extra fuel costs because we use Eco-Friendly 2 hp. Electric Motors!

It will never pollute the environment with harmful fossil fuels or toxic exhaust. Nor will it emit obnoxious smells or noise which accompany any fossil fuel driven outboard engine.

You can’t build up a good BBQ appetite when being disturbed by smelly engine fuel. We guarantee your peace and comfort on the water with these Eco-Friendly Motors.

Fish Fillets grilling on Joe's BBQ Boat Rental

17. Are we allowed to dock the boat somewhere to pick someone up?

Boat docking is NOT allowed for any pick up or drop off. All renters must stay on board until arrival back at the departure location on Granville Island.

18. May we toss food scraps and garbage over the side?

Absolutely NOT. Pollution of any kind will not be tolerated. As an environmentally conscious company we hold a strict penalty (punishable by law) against polluting our waters.

We are here to protect and nurture our natural environment; after all, this is the only planet we have.

Steaks cooking on Joe's BBQ Boat rental

19. Can we drop anchor anywhere we like?

Yes, anywhere within False Creek in Vancouver, you may drop anchor at any time and enjoy your BBQ.

Then, if at some point you wish to enjoy another location, simply pull up the anchor and navigate until you find an appealing view and release the anchor again. You’ll master driving our vessels before you know it!

20. Is there a limit to where we can go with the BBQ Boat?

Yes, due to Coast Guard safety regulations, you must remain within False Creek and never go beyond Burrard Bridge in Vancouver.

Failing to do so will result in a $1000 fine plus any other related charges.

21. Is drinking alcohol allowed on the boat?

No. The same rules for cars on the road apply to drivers on public waters. B.C. legislation does not allow any alcoholic beverages and/or narcotics while operating a boat in public waters. The penalty is a minimum fine of $600 at your own expense.

22. Are official holidays during the week charged the weekly rates?

All official holidays are charged the weekend rate.

23. What’s your busiest time for rentals?

Evenings and weekends are our busiest times; make sure to book your reservations well in advance. We recommend you reserve at least two weeks prior to your preferred date.

24. Do you offer Chartering services?

We do not offer chartering services or provide a captain. You will captain the boat and are therefore legally responsible for all guests on board. We will emphasize this liability prior to your departure.

25. Are we allowed to tie up to another BBQ Boat, or a friend's boat?

It is strictly prohibited to tie the BBQ Boat to any other vessel. This can easily damage the boats and be a cause of danger to other boats on the water.

26. Do you provide life jackets for children?

We have life jackets for children who are aged four (4) and older. If you have a younger child, we ask that you provide the proper life jackets.

27. What is included in my rental fee?

Our rental rates include the following necessary equipment:

Joe's BBQ Boat Life Jacket

  • Life Jackets
  • Safety Kits
  • Paddles
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Safety Instructions
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Life Buoy
  • Anchor
  • Flash Lights
  • BBQ & Grill
  • Propane ( $15 included in price)
  • Storage space underneath seats
  • Cleaning service
  • Safety Lesson
  • Time of your life

    For additional costs we can provide:

    Decorated Joe's BBQ Boat

      28. What are the Technical Specifications of the boats? 
      • BBQ Boat with LLDPE material and 304 stainless steel safe handle, anti-AV and anti-aging, stronger.
      • BBQ grill (propane) 58cm
      • BBQ table for 10p (+/- 135cm)
      • Diameter overall: 350cm
      • Height overall: 270cm
      • Dry battery 12V/ 75AH
      • Seats 9pcs/ with storage boxes underneath each seat to keep your belongings dry and safe
      • Drive mode: Electric engine 24V/ 1200W
      • Main floating body: Polyethylen (PE) with high UV-protection
      • Swell: Trouble-free handling up to wave height of 50 cm
      • Wind load capacity: Operation has to be stopped when reaching wind grades of 6 and more
      • Maximum speed: approximately 2-4 knots (with our 2Hp electric engine)
      • Adm. empty weight: approximately 600 kg (without drive)
      • Adm. weight with equipment: approximately 750 kg
      • Total maximum weight: approximately 1550 kg
      • Depth depending on load weight: 25-45 cm
      • Twin hull, good steering and easy to navigate


      • High-end fiberglass, 6mm thick, gel coat >0.4mm, same level as yachts.
      • Resin adhesive imported from Asland Inc., U.S.A.
      • All screws & nuts are made of stainless steel #316L, anti-sea corruption.